Super Cool.

November 06, 2011

Sooooo.... I'm super cool.  Tuesday morning after dropping Garrison off at his class, I took the most amazing fall in the school hallway.  This most amazing fall included my sliding superman style down the hallway.  See, I told you I was cool.  Oh and did I mention the morning bell hadn't rang yet?  So you can imagine the congestion in the hallway.  It's ok you can laugh.  It's too bad I don't have a video because considering how bad I hurt it had to have been, dare I say it, EPIC.  Luckily I didn't suffer a major break but I definitely did some damage.

This pic was taken 3 days AFTER my fall.

Yes.  I'm super cool.


a blog full of weldons. said...

ouch!! that's a doosey! i gotta say, i wish that was on video :)
and i can say that because i've made some epic falls of my own. including during a coligiate tennis match, in the finals of the NCAA Div 1 nationals, with a huge croud watching (including a boy i very much wanted to impress at the time:)) i fell over my own feet while smashing a forehand, tumbled and landed on my back, feet in the air, skirt flying all sorts of ways and my very unnatractive tennis bloomers shining for all to see. it was quite embarassing to say the least :)
oh least a good bruise gets some warrented time to chill on the couch :)

ps the puppies look too cute for words in their costumes!

The Mac Fam said...

Wow that is so not good. I"m sorry girl.
If it makes you feel better, at Jayden's bday party last Feb. I was pretending to race the kids and my skate got stuck in an ice divot and well I did the super man. Not so lucky me I broke my radial head in my elbow and was in a cast the rest of Feb and all of March. Here's hoping you get better fast!!!!!!

Candice said...

Ouch, girl! Hope that's better now!

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

yikes! I hope u are feeling better!!!

Jenny Lee said...

Thanks ladies! So thankful I'm only dealing with aches and pains instead of a break!

Karí said...

Story of my life always falling. I hope everything healed well.

lovely blog,