Going on Goals

June 22, 2012

So let's talk goals...

I have set a pretty lofty goal for myself.  It's a little scary but every time I watch the video I get so pumped!  I want to say "I did that"!!!  What is this goal you ask?

There I said it... I want to complete the hardest event on the planet by October of next year.  I am nowhere near the physical shape I need to be in order to complete said event but since starting NoBo I am closer than I was 6 weeks ago!  Step 1 is losing this extra 30lbs I'm carrying around.  I'm tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal, keeping up with NoBo and starting next week getting back to my gym routine at Sky Fitness with the husby.  Very much looking forward to that!

Training for an event like this has made a huge shift in my mindset.  I am constantly thinking about it and that excitement is helping me make the right decisions in regards to food and getting those workouts in.  I know October 2013 is rather far in the future but this girl has a long way to go and setting mini goals along the way will help keep that momentum going!

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Mrs. Bear said...

I know a couple of people who have completed the Tough Mudder and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! Way to go for setting goals :)